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Gantry Machining Centers (incld. Bridge & Double Column)
DBM 2550
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The DBM 2550 is a multi-purpose, fixed cross rail, double-column machining center for applications such as heavy duty machining of large parts and high precision dies and molds. Designed with the highest specifications in its class, the DBM 2550 provides a broad range of machining capabilities and optional equipment, together with many convenient functions for the operator. The highly rigid, square type box guideway ram has a cross section of 380 x 380mm (14.96 x 14.96 inch), which is the biggest in its class. The ram slides on (8) anti-friction guides that are the full height of the saddle for extremely high rigidity and vibration dampening.

X206.7"5,250.2 mm
Y118"2,997.2 mm
Z31.5"800.1 mm
RPM8,000 RPM8,000 RPM
# ATC4040
TaperCat 50 – Big-Plus Dual Contact ShankCat 50 – Big-Plus Dual Contact Shank
Table-W78.7"1,999 mm
Table-L196.8"4,998.7 mm
ControlCNC (FANUC 31i-B)CNC (FANUC 31i-B)