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VCF 850LSR II 31iB5
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The VCF 850LSR II, equipped with the Fanuc F31iB5 control, is a large capacity Vertical Machining Center with a tilting B-axis head that is capable of full 5 axes simultaneous machining. The head can rotate 110 degrees on either side of vertical, enabling the VCF 850LSR II to machine large and complex parts in a single setup, eliminating costly fixtures and downtime. With a built in 800 mm (31.5") rotary table, up to 5 sides of a part can be accessed, further increasing the machines capabilities.

X118.11"3,000 mm
Y33.46"849.88 mm
Z31.496"800 mm
Power29.5 hp22 kW
RPM12,000 RPM12,000 RPM
# ATC6060
TaperCat 40 Big PlusCat 40 Big Plus
Table-W34.25"869.95 mm
Table-L137.79"3,499.9 mm
ControlCNC (Fanuc 31iB5)CNC (Fanuc 31iB5)

Travelling column Vertical Machining Center with Tilting Head

Travelling column Vertical Machining Center with Tilting Head
Vertical Machining Centers