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Gantry Machining Centers (incld. Bridge & Double Column)
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DBM 2030
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The DBM 2030 is a multi-purpose, fixed cross rail, double-column machining center for applications such as heavy-duty machining of large parts and high precision dies and molds. Designed with the highest specifications in its class, the DBM 2030 provides a broad range of machining capabilities and optional equipment, together with many convenient functions for the operator. The highly rigid, square type box guideway ram has a cross section of 380 x 380mm (14.96 x 14.96 inch), which is the biggest in its class. The ram slides on (8) anti-friction guides that are the full height of the saddle for extremely high rigidity and vibration dampening.

X128"3,251.2 mm
Y98.4"2,499.4 mm
Z43.3"1,099.8 mm
Power74 hp55.2 kW
RPM8,000 RPM8,000 RPM
# ATC6060
TaperCat 50 Big PlusCat 50 Big Plus
Table-W59"1,498.6 mm
Table-L118.1"2,999.7 mm
ControlCNC (Fanuc 31iB)CNC (Fanuc 31iB)
Dimensions346" x 273" x 224"346" x 273" x 224"
Weight70,400 lbs70,400 lbs
Equipped With

• Extended Z Axis Travel 1100mm • Extended Height Columns 300mm • Linear Scales X/Y/Z Axes • Spindle Thermal Compensation • ATC60 • 90 Degree Angle Attachment • 290 PSI Through Right Angle Head • Swing-In AAC-2 • Semi-Guard, High • (2) Side and (1) Lift Up Hinged Belt Chip Conveyors • Renishaw RMP600 part probe & Calibration Block • Renishaw NC4 Laser Tool Setter & Master Tool • Operator Side Step for ground level installations • TSA/TSC Switchable • Auto Power On