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5-Axis or More CNC Lathes
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SMX5100XLB multi-task milling/turning centers are designed for heavy and interrupted cutting, long-term high accuracy and superior surface finishes. High speed tool change with fast rapid traverse rates minimize non-cutting time. C-axis contouring, Y-axis offcenter and B-axis any-angle milling/drilling allow for single set-up completion of highly complex work pieces. Gear box driven spindle motor provides improved performance with high torque machining. Multi-tasking capabilities increase productivity and provide for just-in-time production requirements by reducing lead time, changeover time, set-up time, and time between operations.

Swing32.67"829.82 mm
Machining Length160"4,064 mm
Bar Capacity6.5"165.1 mm
Power50 hp37.3 kW
Max RPM1,500 RPM1,500 RPM
Turning Dia32.67"829.82 mm
ControlCNC (Fanuc 31iB5 CUFOS)CNC (Fanuc 31iB5 CUFOS)
Equipped With

STANDARD EQUIPMENT AND WARRANTY · Hydraulic chuck actuators with chuck clamp / unclamp proximity switches: SDL- 30516 with 166.5 mm (6.555") through hole · Servo driven tailstock with MT #6 (built-in dead) center · Automatic tool setter · 10 bar (145 psi) Multi-stage coolant pumps for milling head · Servo Driven Bracket for SMW Autoblok K6.1-Z hydraulic steady rest · Separate coolant tank with way lube oil skimmer · Automated metered lubrication system · P4 class spindle bearings · ISO CLASS 4 class angular thrust bearings · 870 psi hydraulic unit · Air blast system for chuck cleaning · Safety features: fully enclosed work area, door interlock, hydraulic pressure safety switch, spindle Interlock, program protect, chucking signal · 3 color signal tower and work light · Tool box with operating tools · Leveling bolts and plates with anchor bolts · Turning center instruction, operation, parts list and electrical drawing manuals in hard copy format. FANUC manuals provided on USB drive (Hardcopy available for purchase, contact parts department) · Two-year machine parts warranty, one year labor warranty. Two-year control warranty: Parts and Labor. See warranty pages for details.

SMX 5100XLB High Performance Multi-Axis ATC Milling and Turning Center with B-axis

SMX 5100XLB High Performance Multi-Axis ATC Milling and Turning Center with B-axis
5-Axis or More CNC Lathes