Why Machine Tool Specialties is the Top Choice for New Coordinate Measuring Machines

At Machine Tool Specialties, we stand out as a solid choice for your new Coordinate Measuring Machines(CMM) needs. As an established provider, we not only provide quality products but also emphasize on customer-focused services. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality Coordinate Measuring Machines equipment is part of why we have earned the trust of myriad satisfied customers.

Different Brands of Coordinate Measuring Machines Equipment

We understand that the needs and preferences of our customers vary, which is why we supply machines from a variety of

These brands are revered in the industry for their unrivaled commitment to manufacturing capacious and effective Coordinate Measuring Machines equipment. With us, you will always have multiple options to pick from, ensuring you make the perfect choice for your specific applications.

Industries that use Coordinate Measuring Machines Equipment

Coordinate Measuring Machines equipment is quintessential in a diverse range of industries. These industries rely on CMM to measure the physical geometric characteristics of an object. The use of this equipment is ubiquitous in industries ranging from automotive, aerospace, metal fabrication, to plastics and electronics.

Unique Selling Points and History of Coordinate Measuring Machines

The unique selling proposition of Coordinate Measuring Machines lies in its innate ability to produce extremely high levels of accuracy in measuring complex designs and layouts in three-dimensional scope. These machines digitize an object to generate a point cloud that can then be used for various applications including reverse engineering. The history of the Coordinate Measuring Machine traces back to the 1960s, with its original purpose being to check the quality of production parts in the automotive industry. Since then, its applications have been significantly widened and continue to evolve in terms of impressive functionality and sophistication.