Why Choose Machine Tool Specialties for Berthiez Equipment

At Machine Tool Specialties, we pride ourselves in supplying top-notch Berthiez equipment. Our primary focus is to ensure our client’s needs are met with quality products that increase productivity and efficiency. When you choose to purchase Berthiez equipment from us, you're not just buying machinery; you're investing in exceptional performance, advanced technology, and solid reliability that Berthiez is known for globally. Consequently, we are your premier choice for new Berthiez equipment in the market.

Berthiez Equipment Categories

The Berthiez series comprise two main categories of equipment: Vertical Boring Mills (incld VTL) and Vertical Universal Grinders. The Vertical Boring Mills (incld VTL) is a unique category of high-performance machine tools that are designed for precise boring of workpieces. On the other hand, the Vertical Universal Grinders category comprises high-precision machine tools that provide unprecedented grinding accuracy and speed. These categories underscore the broad range of applications that Berthiez equipment are suited to handle.

Types of Berthiez Equipment

In each category, we offer a selection of distinct types of Berthiez equipment, each designed to meet specific application requirements. Our Vertical Boring Mills (incld VTL) encompasses various configurations that accommodate different size and weight ranges, while the Vertical Universal Grinders are designed to deliver precision grinding for a vast range of workpiece types. To discover more about these equipment types and select the one that best fits your needs, please click on the respective links provided above.

About Berthiez: Industries, Unique Selling Points & History

Berthiez has a long-established history of creating machine tools that cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, construction, automotive, aerospace, and more. The unique selling point of Berthiez equipment revolves around its flexibility, precision, and robust construction. Berthiez has a passion for executing unprecedented mechanical engineering solutions, consistently pushing boundaries, and leading advancements in the machine tool industry. The enduring quality and innovation of Berthiez products are what position Berthiez as a world leader in this sector, and Machine Tool Specialties as your trusted source for Berthiez equipment.